Trail Ride is restricted to students that have earned practice ride status and/or HH Student Level 2 or higher. Students need to be independent for mounting, dismounting, leading, and riding. Please only select a horse that you regularly ride and are comfortable with.
Asha, Kahleesi, Glimmer and Treasure have part boarders. If you are not the part boarder and want to book one of these horses please wait to book until May 1, 2023. After that time if the horse is available for the time you would like, go ahead and book. Other horses that are not part boarded can be booked prior to May 1st.
The trail ride will likely be walk/trot.
The trail ride is limited to 1 rider per horse.
All current clients of PHH are welcome to the BBQ and Game Night. Please sign up for the pot luck at which will start around 6pm
Use this form for participation in the trail ride.
For PHH clients that ride private horses, you may join the trail ride provided you do so in a safe manner. You can rsvp to [email protected] so we can keep track of numbers.
Additional Trail Ride dates may become available as staff availability is known.
There are no refunds or exchanges unless you are able to find a suitable student that can take your spot on the ride. In which case you can "sell" you spot to a different person and update the registration with us at [email protected]

If there is bad weather, we will schedule a remake date. If you are unable to attend the remake date, a lesson credit will be issued.


Enter "Etransfer" here and click "apply" - you will need to send an etransfer to [email protected] to complete your order. NOTE - you still need to submit at the bottom of this page to send in your order. We will both receive copies of the order. Please write in your etransfer "note" what it is for so we can match your order to your etransfer payment.  We appreciate and prefer if you pay via etransfer. If you need to pay via credit card, you can do so below. We offer a discount for paying via etransfer for 2 reasons - 1) the credit card charges us 3% plus a processing fee per transaction, and 2) the credit company holds the funds hostage for 6 months. 


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