• Includes hot catered lunches.
    Includes a Fusion Halter.
    You can participate with your own horse or use one of ours.
    You can pay 50% now and the rest will automatically bill to your credit card on May 1, 2019

  • Take part in classroom learning and watch the participants. Lunches included.
    You can pay 50% now and the rest will automatically bill to your credit card on May 1, 2019

  • Or if you board at PHH please use this option.

  • Participants can make individual pens, or combine with another participant to make a bigger space and put the horse's out together.

There are no refunds, however you can sell your spot to someone else (you receive payment from them and simply connect us via email so we can get the waiver,media and registration current).

If no one is available to take your spot then we will not be able to refund you.

Visiting pets must stay on leashes.

No smoking on the property.

You are responsible for the care of your horse.

You give consent for any pictures/video taken during the activity to be used for media, promotion, or sale content by Partridge Horse Hill, Lindsey Partridge and/or Harmony Horsemanship without remuneration of any kind.
If you do not wish to be in a photo/video you are responsible to remove yourself from group photos or notify the photographer/videographer/staff.

You accept and acknowledge that there are inherit risks associated with participating with horses and at farms. You agree Partridge Horse Hill, Lindsey Partridge, Harmony Horsemanship Inc., volunteers, staff, visitors, participants, and owners are not responsible for remuneration of any kind for any damage, injury, death, or loss to persons, property, or animal.
You enter the facility and program at your own risk, are to participate within your own limits, and are responsible for your own safety and the safety of your horse.

NHA members get 10% off - more details at nhassociation.ca 


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