• Entries due Wednesday May 1st

  • Entries due Wednesday May 29th

  • Entries due Wednesday July 10

  • Entries due Wednesday August 21

Divisions and Classes

  • A) Walk/Trot Under Saddle
    B) Equitation over cross rails
    C) Hunter over cross rails

  • A) Hunter under saddle - walk, trot, canter
    B) Equitation over cross rails (canter)
    C) Hunter over cross rails (canter)

  • A) Hunter Under Saddle
    B) Equitation over Verticals
    C) Hunter over Fences

  • Please make sure someone is with your horse at all times and do not tie them to fences.

  • Shelters are 8x12 and the attached pens vary and size. The larger pens can fit 2 horses that get along well. You can arrive the night before. Please muck out the pen/shelter after use.

  • Stalls are 10x10 and located in our barn across from the indoor arena. They have metal bars between them for airflow.
    You can arrive the night before. Please muck out the stall after use.

Liability Waiver


Please note that at the time of the show, we will have a waiver that a parent/guardian needs to complete. Unfortunately, our insurance provider does not accept electronically completed waivers. This means we need you to complete this when you arrive in person (unless you have completed one already for the season). If someone else will be dropping off your child, please make arrangements to complete the waiver ahead of time using the link below - we need a printed hard copy of this waiver to participate with the horses at our farm.


Equine Waiver (over age under age of majority) May 29-20_1.pdf

There are no refunds or credits.

Media/Pictures may be taken during activities and used by the NHA, PHH, HH. Being part of captured media implies consent. You will not be reimbursed for any used media.

It is important that all participants be physically, mentally and emotionally able to take part in group activities and handle horses for the safety of the group. If we determine you or the rider is affecting the safety of the group, they may be asked not to continue and no refund will be given.

You agree to sign a liability waiver in person when arriving for the event. Electronic waivers are not accepted. The waiver has been linked for your review.

Save if paying via etransfer

Enter "Etransfer" here and click "apply" - you will need to send an etransfer to [email protected] to complete your order. NOTE - you still need to submit at the bottom of this page to send in your order. We will both receive copies of the order. Please write in your etransfer "note" what it is for so we can match your order to your etransfer payment. 

We appreciate and prefer if you pay via etransfer. If you need to pay via credit card, you can do so below. We offer a discount for paying via etransfer for 2 reasons - 1) the credit card charges us 3% plus a processing fee per transaction, and 2) the credit company holds the funds hostage for 6 months. 


Billing Information

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