• Please make sure someone is available to supervise the horse at all times and do not tie to fences.

  • Shelters are 8x12ft and have an attached pen. The larger pens are suitable for 2 horses that get along.
    You may arrive the night before. Please muck out after use.

  • Stalls are 10x10 located in our barn across from the arena. Stalls have metal bars between stalls.
    Please bring your own water bucket.
    You may arrive the night before. Please muck out after use.


  • Non ridden class. This course can be done at liberty or with halter and lead. Horses in this class may enter other classes. May include a halt, back up, pivot turn, ground tie and sideways with entry level obstacles.

  • Entry level obstacles with easier bridges, simple halt, back up, etc. Walking only.

  • The course will have some sections of trot and may include trotting over poles as one of the obstacles. May include a simple sideways obstacle.
    May have more challenging back up, bridge, etc than Entry. May include a simple ground tie and object transfer.

  • For young riders that may or may not be put on a leadline (a parent/coach is allowed to walk with them the whole course).
    All participants get a loot bag.
    Will include entry level obstacles and a simple halt and back up.

  • The course may include walk/trot with optional canter between obstacles. There may be 1 jump included as an obstacle. Obstacles may include halt, back up, sideways, drag, rope gate.

  • You get to choose your own obstacles to complete at your own speed. If you choose more challenging obstacles you might score higher... but if you make it too difficult and it gets sloppy you will score lower. The challenge is picking the best course for you and your horse. So much fun for everyone! On show day we will explain how many obstacles to choose and how it works.

  • Usually after a lunch break so you have more time to dress up. You can stay dressed up for the rest of the classes.

The fun classes are limited 1 rider per horse because all of the riders enter the ring at the same time. If you are sharing a PHH horse, please confirm with us that your horse is available, or you may need to switch to a different horse for the class. 



Enter "Etransfer" here and click "apply" - you will need to send an etransfer to [email protected] to complete your order. NOTE - you still need to submit at the bottom of this page to send in your order. We will both receive copies of the order. Please write in your etransfer "note" what it is for so we can match your order to your etransfer payment. 

We appreciate and prefer if you pay via etransfer. If you need to pay via credit card, you can do so below. We offer a discount for paying via etransfer for 2 reasons - 1) the credit card charges us 3% plus a processing fee per transaction, and 2) the credit company holds the funds hostage for 6 months. 


Waiver of Liability


Please note that at the time of the event, we will have a waiver that a parent/guardian needs to complete. Unfortunately, our insurance provider does not accept electronically completed waivers. This means we need you to complete this when you arrive in person. If someone else will be dropping off your child, please make arrangements to complete the waiver ahead of time using the link below - we need a printed hard copy of this waiver to participate with the horses at our facility. 

Equine Waiver (over age under age of majority) May 29-20_1.pdf

There are no refunds or credits for show fees paid.
Horse Shows at Partridge Horse Hill involves groups of riders participating with horses. It is important that all riders be physically, mentally and emotionally able to take part in group activities and handle horses. For the safety of the group, if Partridge Horse Hill determines anyone is compromising the safety or experience of the horses, staff, farm or riders in any way, they may be asked not to continue and no refund will be given. If you/your child has a potential concern (learning disability, mental health concern etc.) it is best to connect with us at [email protected] to determine if our show is a SAFE fit for you or how we can help accommodate you.

I understand that while anyone participates in Partridge Horse Hill (PHH), Harmony Horsemanship (HH), Lindsey Partridge (LP) or Natural Horsemanship Association (NHA) hosted events or activities, or on PHH property, or participating on offsite events with PHH/HH/LP/NHA may be photographed and/or video-taped. I understand that this media content may be shared and used for advertising, educational content, or social media. I understand that PHH/HH/LP/NHA may be compensated for this footage. I understand I will not receive compensation of any kind. Individuals participating in events, activities, clinics, lessons, workshops, or any form of engagement with PHH/HH/LP/NHA are giving consent for media (video, audio, photograph) use to PHH/HH/LP/NHA. If individuals do not consent they agree it is their responsibility to remove themselves from group photographs/videos at the event and/or inform person(s) taking media at the event/activity to not include themselves In photographs/videos. By allowing videos/pictures to be captured, the consent is implied. The consent is not time limited. PHH/HH/LP/NHA may use the media indefinitely.

Every person must read and understand this form before participating in Equine Activities. TO: Lindsey Partridge (LP), Harmony Horsemanship (HH), Natural Horsemanship (NHA) and Partridge Horse Hill (PHH), their directors, employees, officers, volunteers, business operators, family, friends, and site property owners. (all of them collectively called the HOST). 1. I Understand there are Inherent DANGERS, HAZARDS and RISKS, (collectively called RISKS) associated with Equine Activities and injuries resulting from these “RISKS” are a common occurrence. 2. I Acknowledge that the Inherent “RISKS” of Equine Activities mean those DANGEROUS conditions which are an integral part of Equine Activities, including but not limited to: The propensity of any equine to behave in ways that might result in injury, harm or death to persons on or around them and to potentially collide with, bite or kick other animals, people, or objects. The unpredictability of an equine’s reaction to such things as sounds, sudden movement, tremors, vibrations, unfamiliar objects, persons or other animals and hazards such as subsurface objects. The potential for other participant (s) to act in a negligent manner that might contribute to injury to themselves or others, such as failing to act within their ability or to maintain control over an equine. 3. I Freely Accept and Fully Assume All Responsibility for the Inherent “RISKS” and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage or loss resulting from my child’s Participation in Equine Activities or being at PHH.. 4. I Acknowledge that it remains my Sole Responsibility to act in such a manner as to be responsible for my own and my child’s safety and to Participate Within our Own Limits. 5. In addition to consideration given for my child’s participation in Equine Activity, I and my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns (collectively called my “Legal Representatives”) agree To Waive All Claims that I might have against the “HOST”; and To Release the “HOST” from Any and All Liability for any loss, damages, injury, or expense that I or my “Legal Representatives” might suffer as a result of my child’s Participation due to any cause whatsoever including any NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF THE “HOST”; and To HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY THE “HOST” from any and all liability for property damage or personal injury to any third party which might result from Participation in Equine Activities or being at PHH. Before signing this form I read it and I stated that I understand it. I know that signing this form, waives certain legal rights I or my “Legal Representatives” might have against the “HOST”.

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